Gilmor Construction was founded in 2019 by Gil Zalcman. Gilmor is subsidiary of Omer Engineering Group.

Joining forces creates financial strength, extensive knowledge and many years of experience, reliability,

and reputation that allow us to provide a comprehensive solution throughout the whole process,

from the tender and pricing stage to the execution and handing over the projects.


 Areas of Expertise


Areas of ExpertiseExecuting Finishing Work (Fit-Outs)


High-tech companies' offices, commercial buildings, logistics centres, public buildings, movie theatres, exhibition halls etc..


Planning – Execution (Turnkey Projects)


Managing the entire project from A to Z from the planning stage to handing over.


Design to Budget


Matching the design to the desired budget.




Gilmor has the knowledge and ability to rezone structures and properties.


A to Z Project 


Gilmor is on-call to accompany the client throughout all phases of the project, from the tender and pricing phase to the full execution of the foundation and the finishing work.



Gilmor Construction defines a new standard in finishing work (fit-outs)- has extensive experience in managing large scale complex projects, specialization, and positioning work to the highest standards. Gilmor has built and handed over million square meters of commercial real estate spaces through a variety of unique advantages.





Gilmor Builds in First Thought!

Thanks to the principle of thinking first, we create relationships based on mutuality and trust between us and our customers, between us and our contractors and suppliers.

by Think first principle, we build professionalism, excellence, and define a learning culture that takes responsibility for all processes



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